Monday, July 03, 2006

Erect penises and drunk boys

I went to an exhibition opening in Incheon yesterday. It was a two hour train ride from my place. After the exhibition, I went to a dinner with two of my girl friends and some new people. I was really bored but had to sit through it. It then got too late for me to take the subway line back home and I decided to spend the night in a Jimjilbang - korean for a bath house with sleeping facilities.

If you haven't heard of a Jimlilbang before, let me give you a brief description. It is a public bath facility where there are open showers, jacuzis, sauna and sleeping area. When you go in, you have to be totally naked. No underwears allowed. One has to first scrub their body clean in the shower and then enjoy the hot and cold jacuzis or just sleep in the sleeping area. The sections for men and women are different. It costs only about $4 to $5. So most Korean youngsters when they have a night out and can't go home, they go to the Jimjilbang to relax and refresh. Oh, the sleeping areas are normally for both men and women and you have to go in with custom made tshirts and shorts which they'll hand out when you buy the entry ticket. I heard there are gay Jimlilbangs too here in Seoul but I haven't yet explored them.

So last night, I went in to the Jbang a bit drunk. I felt like a young boy seeing the world for the first time. Luckily the whole shower area and the baths were filled with beautiful boys in their teens and twenties. Since I am uncut, I saw people noticing it from time to time cause most Koreans are usually cut. Although tired after a long day, the moment, I entered the bath, I felt a new sense of vitality. The only thing the I had to make sure was that I don't get an erection.

After the bath I went into the sleeping area downstairs in my T shirt and shorts. There were a bunch of people, middle aged men and women watching soccer on an LCD screen. It wasn't pleasant there, lost of noises from people cheering and making comments as they watch the game and plus everyone was dressed in their shorts and T shirts. I walked around and checked the smaller and darker rooms. They were mostly occupied, so I had a smoke and went back to the bathing area.

In the bathing area, several boys were dead asleep on a few stretchers beside the pools. There was one empty between two. On the right was an older man with an ugly dick and on the right there was a Korean angel sleeping. Well sculptured body, beautiful face, sweet smell and the perfect penis. His was cut. He had a lot of hair below his shaft but around his balls, there was almost none, as if he had shaved. I lay down beside him, leaning on my left, I then covered my dick with a small towel so that incase, if I get an erection, no one would see. I am not sure if it would have helped.

I pleased my eyes and then tried to sleep but my eyes refused to listen and kept opening up to have more and more glances at this gorgeous body and penis. I think I did sleep for a little while and when I opened my eyes again, his dick was semi erect. Probably he was having a good dream himself. He shifted position and gave me the best view. I saw his dick go from semi erect to full size - live. Man it was beautiful - one of the best male organs that I've ever seen in my life. At that point, I could not help. I got an erection too. Fortunately, the place was almost empty by that time besides the ones that were sleeping. I felt like getting up and giving this boy's dick a good lick from balls up to the tip but I didn't.

I waited until, my erection disappeared. Then I went to the bathroom to jerk off. I came in my palms. Wow, it was relieving. I might have died in their. Then I cleaned up and went back to the bath. I took a shower, went inside the sauna, walked around the boy some more to have one last look, swam in the pool and walked out.

It was six by then and the trains had started running again. I quietly walked on empty streets to the subway station. At the station there were some more drunk boys asleep on empty benches. One of the boys was wearing a low waist jeans. He too had an erection and the head of his dick was poking out. I pulled his pants up and concealed his small beauty and I went home.


Adrian Sanderson said...

Graet story!!! keep it up boy, and I am sure you will find someone cute to be with...

teazed said...

thank you. is that your pic. quite a hunk you are... thanks again

Adrian Sanderson said...

Yes it is me [and thanks..] I am going to post the link to your site on my site - I hope you will do the same :-)

Please continue to write your stories - they are really good my friend!!!!

Have a very nice week!!


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